Put Your Back Into It: 6 Powerful Rowing Machine Benefits for Your Back Muscles

Put Your Back Into It: 6 Powerful Rowing Machine Benefits for Your Back Muscles

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How’s your posture? Be honest, how many of your friends or coworkers would say you have excellent posture?

About 60% of people spend their days seated at a desk using technology. This places them in a hunched over position for a good portion of the day.

And for those of us with active jobs, we sit in cars to go home and sit on couches at home. During those times, your posture isn’t what it should be.

However, rowing machine benefits include improvement in posture. Strengthen muscles in key areas to let your body improve its own posture.

Plus, you will see many benefits for your back. Read on to find the benefits of rowing for your whole body, especially your back.

1. Build that Booty, a Strong Foundation

Do you suffer from back pain? Chances are high that the pain you feel in your back didn’t start there. Why are squats and deadlifts staples in many gym routines?

They move several joints and use the largest muscles of the body. Yes, the butt has the largest muscles in the body.

And your butt does more than flirt with people while your back is turned. The muscles there support your back. If you do the exercise correctly, the rowing machine uses your glutes as much as your back.

Focus tension there and your back pain may start to disappear.

2. Rowing Machine Benefits, Stress Reduction

Almost everyone loves a good back massage. Having the tension worked out by a professional helps to lower stress. But, like everything else, the body craves balance.

What is the balance to having tension worked out? Putting tension in! We know, it sounds counterintuitive to reduce stress by using tension.

But it works. Because you use muscle tension to work out that stress. And, a strong fit back holds everything in place better than a weak and relaxed one.

Using the rowing machine on a regular basis builds up the muscle tone in the back. And exercise, in general, helps to lower stress.

Go ahead, jump on that rowing machine to make your back massages more effective.

3. Trim that Waist

Take a deep breath. No, a really deep breath. Pull air in until you can’t pull any more in.

Let your stomach and lungs expand to max capacity. Hold it for a few seconds and breathe out at a controlled rate.

Now do this again, but bend over as far as you can first. Once you are bent over, don’t let your body rise with the breath. We will bet cash money that breath is much more shallow than the first.

We all know extra weight is bad for us. And in the midsection, it’s even worse. Rowing, along with a sensible and disciplined nutrition plan, will help reduce that waistline.

And less weight on the front means less weight pulling on the back. Using rowing as part of a weight loss plan can help reduce your back pain.

4. An Inexpensive Workout

If you have a gym membership, they often have rowing machines available. If they don’t ask a manager to look into getting one.

But you also have a busy life, and getting to the gym may not be feasible. In that case, look into getting one to have at home. They take up little space and you can use them during a variety of other activities.

Row while you watch tv. Row before your shower. Row while your kids nap or do homework.

This isn’t a direct benefit for your back, but more of one for your life and wallet. Spending a thousand dollars on a treadmill may not be in your budget. But rowing machines can be bought for less than $400.

And even with that kind of price, you can procure a good one. Or, check out local garage sales and you might find a good one for less than $100.

5. Bulletproof Lower Back

Remember how back pain often stems from a weak butt? This is true, but you can still help improve lower back strength as well. Having a strong lower back can reduce back pain too.

And many of us, whether it be stress, sitting too much or poor posture, have weak lower backs. Rowing targets the lower back with a gentle hinging at the hips forward and backward.

It won’t be an intense lower back workout, but the extra use will do well for you.

6. Low-Impact for the Shoulders

Many of us have shoulder problems that seem like flexibility or back problems. As anyone with a shoulder injury will tell you, they take a long time to heal.

One way to help any joint, is to move it more often. Walking is good, but the stairs make more parts move. This movement increases blood flow and lubricates the joints.

You will have to use the back of the shoulder, the rear-deltoid, to pull your elbows behind your body. And rowing is also not hard on the rotator cuff, which is often an area that can cause intense pain.

Start Rowing for Your Back

Rowing is a full body workout. But the rowing machine benefits muscles on the back side of the body the most. And a stronger back means better overall health.

Now that you have read about the benefits of rowing machines, start experiencing them. Find a way to work rowing into your workouts.

If you have any questions or for more tips on rowing, get in touch with us here. We’re happy to be a part of your fitness journey.Ready to start rowing? Download our app to get the ultimate rowing based fitness experience.

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