Consistent Gains: How to Build a Long-Term Rowing Machine Workout Plan

Consistent Gains: How to Build a Long-Term Rowing Machine Workout Plan

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If you have ever been to the gym, you have probably done some cardio too. Many people look to the treadmill or stationary bike. And most people have spent hours trying to run off their fat.

But have you ever sat down at a rowing machine? You may not realize what an incredible workout you have missed out on.

The rowing machine won’t accomplish all your goals like a magic bullet. But it can make your workouts more effective. It is cardio, much like the treadmill or bike.

But it will also help you build muscle. And, if you do it with some help from a trainer and online resources like this one, it can work your whole body.

Further, a rowing machine workout plan can push your body through and past plateaus. Let’s look at some ways to push your body to the next level with rowing.

Failure vs Fatigue

You might often hear these words thrown around in the gym. Their meanings and usage are often interchangeable and they apply to the same idea. Trainers often tell people to train to muscle failure.

However, most have never reached this point. To reach failure, you have to get to a point where the muscle has used the entire energy supply. Reaching failure means the muscle will not contract again.

In muscle failure, even an electrical impulse wouldn’t cause a contraction.

When trainers say failure, they often mean high fatigue. Whatever you are working has worked hard, and it could do more. But, you stop because you have pushed it much harder than it is used to.

High fatigue results in muscle growth. You push a muscle hard, it gets damaged, it grows back able to take more punishment. Which is to say, it grows stronger.

Nike Style Rowing Machine Workout Plan

There is a fitness YouTuber who often gets sent emails and messages with detailed workout plans. His followers want his opinions. Most often, his response is, “Sounds good, just do it!”

To get started with a rowing workout, go do it! Finish this article, get to your gym, and get started. You can do this today!

And if you are a beginner, there will be a learning curve to adjust to. Try using the machine and see how it feels.

Step off the treadmill and sit down in the rowing machine. The movements will be dynamic, and you will feel it all over. And your calorie burn may be lower, but you will be activating more muscle groups to do so.

The beginner fitness plan is simple, start rowing. Keep reading and researching better ways to do the rowing workout with proper form though. You can always improve.

But to start with, replace your stair, treadmill or bike workouts with the rower.

Harder Every Minute

This technique goes by many names, but we will use harder every minute. The description reeks of simplicity. Make your workout harder every minute.

The idea here is to pick a distance, a calorie amount or a stroke count.

So you might start with a distance of 50 meters. When you reach 50 meters, your minute is done. At the start of the next minute, continue but reach for 75 meters.

With each minute you add distance to cover. When you cannot reach the goal distance inside of one minute, cool down and stop.

Same concept with calories. Start with 5 the first minute, 6 the second, 7 the third and so on.

You can choose a stroke count, but it isn’t always the best idea. Some people do easier and less powerful strokes to do more of them. Every stroke needs to be full power, using every muscle group at maximum tension.

If you can keep every muscle under maximum tension, use stroke counts. Otherwise, stick to distance or calories. Those reflect power in a more accurate way.

Jump Off the Boat

Don’t take the title lightly. It may sound fun or funny, but it is anything but.

Jump off the boat will punish you and shorten your workout. Why? Because it takes the intensity to the next level.

Pick a difficult exercise or a few easier ones. We recommend burpees or split squats. But you can do bodyweight squats, pushups, and hip bridges.

Then, pick a distance to row, say 2,500 meters. But at the end of every minute of rowing, you will do an increasing amount of whatever workout you chose.

For burpees, start with 5 and add one each minute. For split squats, do ten and add two each minute. If you chose squats, pushups and bridges, do 5 each and add 1 each minute.

The beauty is the increased fatigue of the whole body. Fatigue will slow your rowing, which keeps you doing the other workouts longer. Or, you keep your rowing power high and fight through the pain to shorten the workout.

Go Do Some Rowing

We know this may seem like a lot, but again, just do it. It is an amazing full-body, cardio, aerobic and strength training workout.

And don’t feel you need to jump to the hardest possible workout variation. We advise against this, in no uncertain terms. But we want you to try a rowing machine workout plan to reap the benefits.

If you want more ideas or have questions for us, get in touch with us here. We want to hear from you and how you are using rowing to reach your goals.

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